4 Signs You Need to Move on to a New Office Cleaning Firm

Work environments provide the ideal breeding ground for germs, with keyboards alone harboring about 16 million microbes, DeskTime reports. If you already have a cleaning crew and don’t think you need a new one, you may want to rethink that decision. Here are a few signs it’s time to move on to a new cleaning partner.

Low productivity

A dirty workplace can prove distracting to your employees. If they can’t properly concentrate on their work because of cluttered desks, overflowing trash bins, sticky floors and more, then that’s going to eat away at your profit margins. Improve your team’s performance. Boost their productivity by hiring a reputable firm for office cleaning in Jupiter FL to ensure a tidy and organized workspace.

Employee absences

If more and more of your team are calling in sick, your office may be the culprit. Dirty carpets, for instance, could have a lot of germs and that could be a factor. If your employees are coming up sick with asthma attacks or allergies, then you know your cleaning firm isn’t doing a good job of keeping those carpets free of dust and dirt.

Poor impressions

If clients come by your office, what will they see? Are they going to find dirty or stained floors? What about dust on the tables or window sills, the grime and dirt on the windows? That’s going to send a bad impression on your clients and could impact their decision to hire your services or try out your products. If your workplace surroundings look dodgy, that could cast doubts on the validity and trustworthiness of your business. Don’t let that happen. Look for office cleaning firms in Jupiter FL. Hire the best one you can find.

Little or empty supplies

In most cases, the cleaning firm takes care of restocking your cleaning supplies. But if you always run out and it takes days for the supplies to be restocked, that’s far from ideal. You’re getting the short end of the stick in this arrangement. Stop making do with firms that don’t deliver value to your business and start looking for firms that offer better cleaning solutions and services.