School Cleaning Services

4 Ways to Get the School Cleaning Services You Need

Hiring school cleaning services in Palm Beach Gardens FL for the first time can entail a bit of work. Make sure you aren’t doing short-sighted efforts to save money. Here are helpful reminders on hiring the right cleaning crew.

Know why

Clean and well-maintained schools are essential in providing students with an ideal environment to learn and in offering faculty and custodial staff an excellent workspace. Lack of everyday cleaning could easily derail all that. If there are irritants and allergens brought on by unsanitary conditions, this could lead to high instances of ill and sick students as well as teachers and other staff. Improve the quality of education you provide by ensuring a healthy environment for kids and a good workplace for your staff.

Check the plan

A professional cleaning firm will provide its contractors with an operations and maintenance plan. This plan must be thorough enough to include all parts of the school, including exterior and interior walls, windows and doors, among other things. Be sure to check that plan so you know if they covered high-touch places in the school or property.

Set the schedule

It’s necessary for the crew to clean the school every day, the EPA says. That’s the only way to ensure the facilities are clean and running smoothly and safely. If the school cleaning services in Palm Beach Gardens FL you hire aren’t available, though, you may need to consider moving to other options on your list. If you don’t want the cleaning crew to come in during regular class hours, then ask them to come when the classes are winding down. That can easily resolve some scheduling conflicts and issues. However, not all cleaning firms offer nighttime services. You’ll want to talk about this first before you decide any further.

Hire right

Don’t just hire the first cleaning crew you find. Cover the basics. Find out how long it’s been in the business. How much experience does it have? Longstanding years of service in the field is always a good market for service. A company that’s been around long enough will have the necessary resources to ensure better cleaning results.

Make school maintenance easy. Hire a professional cleaning crew to take care of all your school cleaning and sanitation needs. Contact us at Ser-Q-Pro for more details. Our team of trained and competent cleaning contractors will be more than happy to help you.