5 Questions Before You Pick a Janitorial Contractor

Hiring janitorial services in Royal Palm FL for your facility isn’t a decision you want to rush. To help you pick out the right firm, here are a couple of questions you’ll want to ask.

What kind of cleaning solutions do you offer?

Most companies offer standard options. Listen to them. Evaluate them. Don’t forget to factor in your schedule. Do they offer daytime or nighttime schedules? And if you don’t think those schedules and plans are a good fit for your facility, then ask about custom options. Some companies provide these options, so seek these firms out.

Who’s going to be assigned to my facility?

Ask about the crew. Are they contractors? Are they insured? You’ll want to cover your bases. A huge part of that is engaging the services of a firm that provides its employees with insurance coverage. If an accident happens, that coverage will protect you and your business from future costs. Make sure the insurance checks out by asking for proof. Do this before you proceed any further with the hiring process.

How do you manage absences?

Ask the firm about any turnover plans they have in case their employee doesn’t show up. Does the firm even have a plan in place? If it doesn’t, then you and the firm can work together on one. After all, your janitorial contractor must provide consistent service, the MLive says. If that doesn’t happen, knowing that the firm has a plan B to fix the problem should help you get rid of any worries you have.

How do you hire your employees?

You’re basically looking for one answer: that they screen their employees carefully by doing background checks. That’s a practice that janitorial services in Royal Palm FL like Ser-Q-Pro rely on. But not all companies are as careful. If you don’t want to end up with your valuables stolen, hiring the right service and crew should help you.

What other services do you offer?

Need residential cleaning services? Or maybe you have a newly renovated property that requires post construction cleanup? Information about these services are usually available onsite but asking about them during a face-to-face interview can help you get a gauge on how well your contact knows about the firm’s services.

Keep your facility in tip-top shape. Ensure cleanliness by hiring a cleaning crew. For a trustworthy team and excellent results, give Ser-Q-Pro a call today.