6 Ways to Get a Commercial Cleaning Service

If you’re just starting out, you probably have a small team. If it’s starting to get to the point that you need someone to come in and clean up for you in the office, though, you’ll be better off hiring a cleaning service rather than relying on in-house staff.

Think of the benefits

When you engage the services of a cleaning firm, you won’t have to take care of the recruitment and training process. You can leave all that to the firm. That means they’ll take care of everything—from doing a background check on the cleaners to getting them insured and everything else in between. That’s going to save you a lot of time and trouble.

Do your homework

Before you pick a cleaning service, you’ll want to dig into the company’s data. What kind of services does the company offer? Some firms specialize in providing commercial cleaning solutions. You might want to consider that kind of specialization since it means they’re much more likely to have the resources and experience you need.

Look for insurance

No matter how well-trained the cleaners are, accidents are going to happen. You’ll want to make sure the staff is insured and covered. You wouldn’t want to be liable for any hospital bills so be sure to ask for proof of the insurance coverage before you consider hiring the firm.

Ask about the hiring process

Find out more about how the firm finds, hires and chooses their cleaners. Insight into the process can help you determine whether the company is a good option to go for. If the company employs a strict hiring process, complete with exhaustive interviews and in-depth background checks, then you know they’re looking after your security and peace of mind.

Get references

Companies that have a good track record and reputation aren’t going to find it difficult to provide you with a list of references. Just make sure you call up those references.

Clear the clutter

Make it easy for your cleaning company to clean up the workplace. Set rules to encourage people to take care of their own clutter. Sites like Lifehack offer plenty of useful tips. That’s going to eliminate a lot of the work for your cleaning crew.