8 Traits Your Janitorial Service Should Have

Hiring the right janitorial services in Port St. Lucie FL impact the cleanliness of your facilities. Here are a few tips on what to look for when you hire custodial services for your small business.


It’s always a good idea to hire staff with experience. They don’t require as much training and you can rely on them to be get the job done efficiently and on time. However, experience isn’t the only consideration to keep in mind.


When you hire janitorial services in Port St. Lucie FL, you’ll be better off looking for cleaning companies. Outsourcing your needs and hiring a service provider means you won’t need to spend on tools and supplies. Cleaning firms often provide these. That’s going to save you time and money, the Houston Chronicle says.


Different surfaces often require different cleaning solutions. If you have chemically-treated windows, you need to look for a crew that knows what tools and solutions to use. If you don’t, you could end up with damaged windows or surfaces.


A company that has an excellent record of providing clients with stellar results should be high on your short list of prospects. Check out what other clients say about the company and its staff. Browse through comments to determine if the general trend in the feedback is positive or not. That can influence the direction you’ll go.


Does the staff have training in the proper use of tools and solutions? That is essential as well. If you and your team are busy with your tasks, then hiring a team of trained and seasoned cleaners means you can concentrate on your work, leaving them to do their jobs. Lack or training, though, can lead to accidents on-site and even poor cleaning results that could affect the health and productivity of your staff. That’s something you’ll want to avoid.

Physical condition

Custodial staff often need to lift heavy items or furniture. Given that the nature of the work often requires janitors to engage in physically demanding activities, it’s only practical that you hire individuals who are in good physical shape.

Positive attitude

The best janitors add more to the day and company culture when they demonstrate a positive attitude at work. That helps you build the kind of work environment you want your employees to thrive in.