How to Strike a Balance Between a Clean, Healthy School and Focused Students

Cleaning your school buildings and property can be a complicated task. With students and staff mulling around all day during the week and afterschool activities to consider all over the campus, when can you get cleaning taken care of? Finding the right school cleaning services – experienced in providing janitorial services that fit even the busiest schedules – will change the way you think about school sanitation.

A Clean Campus is a Healthy Campus

Keeping your school clean can keep your students and staff healthier. How?

  • Prevention of injury and illness resulting from exposure to dirt and debris – Whether it’s construction dust, dirt tracked in by students, or just typical indoor pollutants, schools can be hotspots for exposure-related illness and injury. Decreasing these instances of exposure comes from eliminating the substances that cause them, which can be handled by expert cleaning staff.
  • Decreased communication of disease – Schools can be breeding grounds for diseases since students are in such close contact with so many other children and adults in such a confined space. Keeping the spread of disease to a minimum is part of why good cleaning in areas like bathrooms and main hallways is important.
  • Pest control – No school can be a safe environment with vermin and insects in areas where students could encounter them. Likewise, food storage and service areas should be kept free of pests to ensure health and safety during meals.
  • Allergen reduction – Indoor allergens such as dust can cause some students and staff major health issues. Reducing these allergens through proper cleaning techniques can make it easier for students to focus and make for fewer missed school days.

Keeping Disruptions to a Minimum

One challenge that is unique to cleaning school properties is keeping any disruptions that might be caused by janitorial staff working to an absolute minimum. Disruptions of any kind can be distracting to students and can slow down the school day. For many teachers, this simply isn’t worth the trade-off. However, keeping cleaning confined to the hours of before and after the instructional day can result in a campus that is not kept clean and safe enough for students and staff.

The answer is striking a balance. Great West Palm Beach, FL school cleaning services – like those available here at Ser-Q-Pro – keep your campus clean while keeping distraction and disruption to students and staff to a minimum. Creating cleaning schedules that allow for your busy day to continue as usual while we get your cleaning taken care of, you’ll never have to choose between a clean school and well-focused students. You can have it all when you give us a call!