Need Janitorial Services? 5 Hiring Reminders

A clean workspace is vital to employee productivity and health. If you want to keep your team in stellar shape at the office, paying for janitorial services in Stuart FL can be the solution you need. Here’s how to pick the best cleaning service possible:

See proof of insurance

Does the company employ insured cleaners? Don’t just take their word that their employees are insured, though. Ask for proof so you won’t end up being liable for any costs in case accidents happen at work. The last thing you want is for costs to wipe out a chunk of your capital.

Read the fine print

It can be boring to read through the contract and legal jargon. However, reading and thoroughly understanding the contract—chapter and verse— means you won’t find yourself tripping over legal loopholes at some future date, says the Houston Chronicle. That’s a smart and sound choice. If you don’t have the skill to recognize terms or conditions that might be unfavorable to you, ask your company lawyer to review the contract for loopholes. That should help you cover all your bases.

Ask around for references

Reach out to people on your contact list and ask them for referrals. This can easily lead you to the right company or team. If your efforts don’t pan out, though, you’re still going to end up with a ton of advice and tips, many of which can lead you in the right direction. Either way, you can expect good things to come when you ask help from people whose judgment you know and trust.

Call up old clients

Ask for a list of previous clients and call them up. What kind of experience did they have with the company? Were they satisfied with the service? What kind of problems did they encounter if there were any? Find out.

Ask about the cleaning products they use

This is important if you have specially-treated windows that require a specific kind of cleaning solution. Also, hire a company for janitorial services in Stuart FL that requires their staff to bring the company’s own tools and cleaning supplies to work. If the cleaning crew needs to rely on you for cleaning supplies, look for other cleaning services.

Looking for janitorial services is now easier with reliable companies like Ser-Q-Pro ready to provide you with the services you need. Keep your workplace clean and sanitized. Contact us today for a quote.