Red Flags That Tell You It’s Time to Hire a New Cleaning Service for Your School

It’s important to have a healthy school environment, says the EPA. This ensures that the health of students, teachers and the rest of the staff are protected. It also helps improve the lifespan of facilities, results in bigger cost-savings while using fewer products and prevents absences in students and school staff.

If you already employ one but aren’t satisfied with the level of service you’re getting, then don’t hesitate to look around for a new one. Here are top signs you need to hire another company for school cleaning services in West Palm Beach FL.

Poor service quality

If you’ve been getting complaints from students and staff and if the service level and quality has noticeably gone down over the last year or so, that’s a red flag you shouldn’t miss. Reach out to the service provider and raise your concerns. If nothing is done to improve the situation, then start looking around for help elsewhere.

Overlooks simple things

If the cleaning crew is starting to overlook simple things, talking it out with the crew could help fix the situation. If that doesn’t happen, though, time to start looking for a new cleaning service.

They’re not responsive

If it takes the cleaning company a day or two to get back to you on your inquiries or takes days to reply, that’s not good service. Look for a company that is responsive in terms of communication.

Low or empty supplies

If your cleaning service isn’t restocking supplies or the supplies never seem to last anymore, then that’s a sign that the company doesn’t take your school’s needs into consideration. It would be better to hire a new one.

Dirty floors

If you keep seeing dirty floors, tables or chairs in school when you do random inspections, that’s another clear sign that your cleaning service needs to be let go. This is especially true if you see puddles on the floor or stains with no cleaning service coming forward to clean it up as quickly as possible. Left unattended, these could pose security hazards and risks for your students.

Rising prices

If your cleaning service keeps raising the cost that it’s no longer financially sound for you to keep using their services, no worries. Look around until you find a company that offers quality school cleaning services in West Palm Beach FL at lower prices.

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