Signs You Need a New School Cleaning Service

A clean school ensures the health and safety of your students, staff, and faculty, the CleanLink says. But if you keep encountering any of the following signs, then you probably need to start looking for a new firm that provides school cleaning services in Royal Palm FL.

Simple things are overlooked

There are good days and there are bad days. That’s going to be the same for everyone. But if your janitorial contractor keeps missing simple things or overlooks them on a regular basis, that may be a reason to start checking out other options.

Lack of communication

If the cleaning company takes a day or two or even more to send you a response to your email or return your calls, then that’s a bad sign. You want a company that’s responsive to your needs. If they the firm is often hard to contact, then look elsewhere.

Empty supplies

When you pay for school cleaning services in Royal Palm FL, part of that service is making sure your supplies are stocked. But if you’re always running out of toilet tissues in the restrooms or if the soap dispensers are always out, then that could be a sign that your cleaning crew is getting sloppy. Talking to your crew about what’s happening could be a good way to fix and resolve the problem. If it still persists, though, think about hiring a new one.

Rising costs

If your cleaning company keeps upping the price on you without delivering any added value, then that’s another good reason to start looking for a different cleaning company. While you should pay good money to a cleaning crew, the cost shouldn’t be unreasonable.

Different contractors

If the company keeps sending you a different contractor every time, that’s not ideal. Keep it in mind that it always takes time to learn a new cleaning schedule. If you keep changing contractors, then they also take longer. A well-run cleaning firm will always send you someone familiar with your facility trouble spots, so the work is done fast and efficient.

Maintenance issues

If your contractor doesn’t update you or inform you about maintenance issues, that’s a huge oversight. Telling you after the problem has gotten worse isn’t ideal. If that happens a lot, you’ll want to start rethinking your hiring decision.

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